Python wire removal system

Equalizer Industries introduced the Python wire removal system to address problems posed by vehicles with tighter tolerances between the glass and body. The system uses a unique, directional suspension reel that allows the technician to wire-out auto glass safely and effectively. Relying on a single, stainless steel slide handle and internal ratcheting system, the specially designed wire will cut through the toughest urethane with no resistance, according to the supplier. To set up the system, insert the cutout wire onto the outside of the vehicle beneath the molding and place the Python suction cup assembly on the inside of the glass. The Python kit includes one Python cup assembly, one wire grip cup assembly, one Wireguard, one T-Handle Centerstart, one installation stick, one dash protector, one pair of Equalizer Headlights, one Venom wire-dispensing device, four rolls of Squire Wire and an instructional DVD.

Equalizer Industries
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