Bird-Friendly Solutions from Guardian Glass

During the 2018 American Institute of Architects Convention, Guardian Glass introduced Guardian SunGuard SNX-L 62/34 HT coated glass that combines triple-silver low-E technology with frit patterns to mitigate bird collisions. Guardian Bird1st UV coatings will soon be available and can be combined with Guardian SunGuard coated glass. The Bird1st glass coatings work with laminated glass to break up the reflectivity allowing the glass to be more visible to birds, but very subtle to the human eye.

Almost 1 billion birds may be killed in building collisions each year. As government entities, building owners and communities join conservationists to address this issue, architects and designers are doing their part by designing new construction and retrofits that discourage birds from mistaking large expanses of glass for sky, according to Guardian Glass officials.

“We’ve listened to our customers and created a bird-friendly solution that incorporates a frit pattern with SunGuard SNX-L 62/34 coated glass to deliver the solar control architects expect from SunGuard coated glass,” explains Sarah Wansack, marketing manager, Guardian Glass.

Guardian Glass