Colored IGUs and decorative panels

The advanced materials division of Schott, with North American headquarters in Elmsford, N.Y., introduced ColorTherm, a transparent, insulating colored glass designed for building exteriors and interiors, and Moodglass, decorative glass and fabric panels. ColorTherm IGUs are available in translucent white and four standard transparent colors, and can come with a low-emissivity coating. Individual panels are 1-inch thick and come in a variety of sizes. The standard product, instead of a custom-design, provides architects with the complete performance specifications in advance for the five color types. Moodglass decorative panels feature designer fabric sandwiched between two sheets of Amiran anti-reflective glass. The product enables designers to use fabrics to decorate building interiors in places where it was once impractical or impossible to do so.Schott
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