CRL Introduces Innovative DRS 1202 Series Interior Glass Door System

The DRS 1202 Series Interior Glass Door System is a one-of-a-kind entrance system that requires no top or bottom rail, resulting in a distinct all-glass aesthetic. To accomplish this, C.R. Laurence engineers developed an innovative in-rail hydraulic closing mechanism that's concealed within the slim 2” vertical pivot tube. As an added benefit, installation is faster and easier because a glazing contractor no longer needs to cut into the floor to install a door closer. 

One of the main benefits of the DRS 1202 System is its high degree of customization.


Customizable features include:

  • Three different spring size models available for doors up to 172 pounds
  • Closing speed adjustment
  • Glass or wall mountable
  • Up to 96” door heights
  • Transom hardware for entrances up 127” high
  • A variety of sidelite/transom/wall configurations
  • Five architectural finishes, custom paint option
  • Double acting hold, or no hold open options
  • Accommodates a vast selection of handles, pulls, and locks
  • Architectural Record “Product of the Year” Winner

The DRS 1202 Series has several functional advantages. For example, its round vertical edge rail design prevents finger pinch when opening and closing doors. It’s also easy to install and offers plumb and centering adjustments. The system can be used with 3/8" or 1/2" monolithic tempered glass, or 9/16” laminated tempered glass with ionoplast interlayer. 



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