CRL Introduces Innovative Hydraulic Patch Fitting Featuring an Integrated Self-Closing Mechanism

ADVERTISEMENT CRL—a leading manufacturer of storefronts, entrances, and door controls—has introduced its new Hydraulic Patch Fitting for interior all-glass entrances. The system features an innovative hydraulic self-closing mechanism that is integrated into the patch fitting.

CRL’s Hydraulic Patch Fitting eliminates the need to cut into the floor to install a conventional floor closer because the closing mechanism is housed in the patch itself. It only requires anchoring of the base plate to the substrate. Not only does this simplify installations, it also enhances aesthetics by reducing the amount of visible hardware such as cover plates and overhead closers. This adds value to both the architect and glazier. 

For added convenience, the Hydraulic Patch Fitting features adjustable closing and latching speeds, as well as a 90-degree hold open option. The system is designed for use with 3/8” or 1/2” monolithic tempered glass, and can hold doors up to 220 lb. and 39” in width.

The new Hydraulic Patch Fitting is part of a suite of innovative self-closing entrance systems from CRL. Their DRS 1202 Swinging Door System features a closing mechanism that is concealed within a slim 2” vertical pivot tube. The doors require no top or bottom rail resulting in a distinct all-glass aesthetic.

The suite also includes CRL’s new Vernon Series Hydraulic Door Hinge, which merges an automatic mechanical hinge with a hydraulic door closer to create a versatile all-glass entrance solution. Vernon Hinges feature an advanced, built-in hydraulic system that eliminates the need for a floor or overhead closing device.

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