Entice® Entrance System: The Look You Want, the Performance You Need

ADVERTISEMENT The patented Entice® Entrance System is the first entrance system to merge in-demand all-glass aesthetics with full-frame thermal performance. In the past, bulky, full-framed entrance doors with wide, thermally broken stiles would have to be specified in order to meet strict energy codes. Not anymore. Entice® features ultra-narrow 1-1/8" vertical stiles and thermally broken framing and cladding that provides U-factors as low as 0.33. This produces heavy glass, Herculite-style aesthetics and provides the thermal performance needed to meet codes.

A key feature of the Entice® Entrance System is its unique ability to support handle hardware—including panic devices—on 1" insulating glass using proprietary through-glass fittings. This creates a streamlined, floating-on-air visual that’s capable of handling emergency exit hardware loads during the UL emergency exit test. Additional aesthetic and performance benefits include:

  • NFRC Rated
  • Meets ASHRAE 90.1-2016 Air Infiltration Requirements
  • System Depth of Only 2-1/2”
  • No Unsightly Glass Stops

Entice® represents a complete turnkey solution because it comes fully fabricated. The system is cut to size, holes are pre-drilled, end dams sealed into place, mounting slots are cut, door hardware comes preinstalled, cladding is applied where possible, and horseshoe shims are provided. This is a valuable benefit because it saves time and reduces labor costs during installation.

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