Fuse Cube by Diamon-Fusion International

ADVERTISEMENT As part of their pursuit to deliver the best quality architectural glass, United Plate Glass (UPG) is streamlining the application of Diamon-Fusion protective coating through their newly purchased FuseCube. With the ability to treat large IG units, UPG will use the FuseCube to coat a wide variety of commercial glass, including storefronts, glass railings, spandrels, as well as their shower doors and heavy fabricated glass.

The Diamon-Fusion coating chemically bonds with the silica in any surface, creating an ultra-thin, invisible barrier that prevents staining, corrosion and environmental damage. And because Diamon-Fusion has no cure time (glass can be handled immediately), UPG will be able to fulfill orders faster and more effectively.

To learn more about UPG, visit www.unitedplateglass.com.

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