Mobile buffer system by Lisec

Lisec released the MEB-B, a mobile buffer system for manual or automatic unloading, curing and transporting of insulating glass units. Individually adjusted spacer brackets and support fingers located at the bottom and side edges of the buffer system prevent the glass sheets from compressing or slipping during the transportation process. The MEB-B is loaded with flexible spacers that can fit a number of compartments depending on unit thickness. A truck can be loaded with up to 18 filled or 36 empty MEB-Bs, the company says. The unit buffers are specifically designed to allow the thermoplastic spacers to cure directly at the unit buffer. The individual transport racks can be coded for each customer, and the entire modular system can be adapted to the customer's space requirements. The release of the MEB-B is accompanied by the UTS-B, an automatic gantry crane facility suited for unstacking freshly sealed insulating glass units with fixed or flexible spacer systems, particularly thermoplastic spacers.

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