Safety glass film

DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions announced a new ultra-clear polyethylene terephthalate film with hard coat, designed to broaden the ways high-performance safety glass is made, according to a company release. DuPont Spallshield CPET sheeting is a durable PET film made with a hard coating for scratch resistance and is designed for use as an external surface on glass laminates where spall protection is desired. Typical uses are in mass transportation for driver and occupant safety; in lighter-weight automotive skylights for fuel savings; and in buildings for added protection against flying glass in cases of vandalism, blasts or ballistic attack. The film can be used on safety glass of any thickness, in conjunction with a variety of other laminating materials, such as DuPont Butacite polyvinyl butyral and polyurethane sheeting. The film is available globally in a standard roll width of 60 inches with a length of 820 feet. Sample rolls with widths of 60 inches and lengths of 164 feet are available for physical testing and manufacturing trials, according to the release. 

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