'Super Single' rear tires

In Europe and increasingly in the United States, large trucks known as "18 wheelers" do not use 18 wheels anymore. In many cases, a “super single” tire has replaced a pair of dual tires. These tougher, wider, thicker and generally better tires have an expected lifespan much longer than a typical truck tire, according to F. Barkow officials.

Barkow has now brought the “Super Single” to glass trucks for width reasons. For the model year 2011, General Motors widened the track of its most popular dual-tired truck, the 3500HD, which is commonly used for glazing bodies. This has been a problem, as the bodies that have fit onto the 3500HD for decades no longer fit and stay within the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards restriction of 102-inch overall width.  In response, Barkow introduced a "super single" tire that is narrower than dual tires. The ledgeboards the glass rests on is outside of the tires. There is a small upcharge to go with Super Single tires and custom rims but the payload capacity and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating remain unchanged, according to the company.

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