Teutonic Series from Kolbe

Kolbe will showcase its Teutonic Series window and door product line for commercial buildings, which includes fixed and tilt-turn windows, tilt & slide doors, and outswing hinged doors. These steel-reinforced uPVC products are designed to meet commercial buildings’ requirements for enhanced energy efficiency, occupant safety, low-maintenance and longevity. Available in North American and European frame styles, Kolbe’s Teutonic windows and doors are comprised of dual overlapping neoprene gaskets to seal off air and water infiltration. One-inch insulating glass is standard, and 1 3/8-inch triple-pane insulating glass is available that allows fixed windows to achieve U-values as low as 0.17, Kolbe reports. Window units with laminated glazing options attain sound transmission class ratings as high as 39. Teutonic Series products are also available for blast mitigation, high wind and coastal area applications. Kolbe’s Teutonic Series products are available in White, Beige or Sand integral colors. Custom exterior laminates also can be selected from a broad palette of colors. Booth #4441

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