Video: Quattrolifts Handling Equipment at GlassBuild America

Take a tour of Quattrolifts booth at GlassBuild America, as Chip Olson describes each of the company's products on display. The Express 150 handles 350 pounds of glass with a rotating, indexing head; the Express 200 handles 440 pounds of glass with a new side shift feature; the Mule 500 lifts up to 1,100 pounds of glass with an electric winch; the Nomad field machine handles 880 pounds; the Horizon is effective for moving stock sheets in the shop; the Vector 400 can be used in the field or in the shop and handles 880 pounds; and the Vector 800, Quattrolifts newest machine, can be used in the field to handle up to 1,750 pounds of glass, particularly windows, with adjustable dual vacuum cups.

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