Cup edger

SM5C cup edger

The CRL Glass Machinery Division of C.R. Laurence Co. will introduce the SM5C cup edger. The SM5C features a cerium-impregnated fifth cup wheel that produces a polished flat and seam edge on glass from 1/8-inch thick (3.18 mm) to ½-inch thick (12.7 mm). Wheel adjustments can be dialed in or reset with position indicators on each spindle, and each spindle has an ammeter on the control panel. A variable-speed conveyor processes glass from 1.6 feet (.49 meters) per minute to 9.8 feet (2.99 meters) per minute, and the approximately 8-foot-tall glass rack will handle glass sheets weighing a maximum of 550 pounds (249 kilograms). Booth 1321. 

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