Gas-fill equipment

OptiGas 1000, co-developed by Integrated Automation Systems and FeneTech Inc., cools and gas-fills insulating glass at the pace of fabrication, while maintaining sequence of production. OptiGas systems can reduce gas costs up to 70 percent, and lessen trim errors and labor costs while precisely filling air spaces with tunable gas ratios. OptiGas 1000, which will be on display at GlassBuild America in Atlanta, is an automated carousel with a customizable number of stations on the rotating periphery. The system is built for continuous production, including the pre-cooling of insulating glass units. Whether units are filled with argon, krypton or both, a single carousel can keep pace, even in lines exceeding 2,000 units per shift, according to Integrated Automation Systems officials. OptiGas 1000 can be customized for speed, cooling requirement or gas filling combination. OptiGas will be on display in Praxair's booth at GlassBuild America—Praxair provided input on the development of OptiGas. 

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