Latest Products in Commercial Glass

  • In 2016, Goldray Glass introduced a new line of decorative glass products, Goldray Glass Naturals, which transform traditionally fragile materials, like rice paper or raw wood, into durable and easily cleaned glass products, opening new design possibilities, according to the company. The line features a quick turnaround time, large size availability and standard or custom options. 
  • Paragon Tempered Glass now supplies anti-reflective and tec glass for touch screens and insulating glass needs. With the installation of additional equipment, the company reports increased production and lead times.
  • In 2016 Tempco Glass Fabrication acquired adjacent industrial space and expanded its production facility from 20,000 to 45,000 square feet, added CNC fabrication, Opaci-Coat spandrel and Diamon-Fusion capabilities. The additional space provides Tempco the ability to add new equipment and introduce new products, meet the growing demand for glass fabrication and provide space for inventory and...
  • Sigco LLC now manufactures laminated glass with polyvinyl butyral and SentryGuard Plus.
  • Glassfab Tempering Services Inc. recently added an oversized heat-soak oven. This new addition complements Glassfab’s current residential and commercial architectural glass fabrication capabilities.According to company officials, the new oven extends the capacity of Glassfab to meet the changing requirements of its customers.
  • Syracuse Glass Co. installed a new custom laminating line capable of handling heat-treated glass plies. According to the company, the new line reduces lead times for railings, canopies, and soft coated low-emissivity laminated insulating glass units.
  • AGNORA can now digitally print up to 130 by 300 inches and has expanded its offerings, including a variety of etch-like printing, that can be applied to the glass. In addition to introducing new etch-like options, AGNORA is developing new techniques to enable accurate printing of extreme ink opacity levels that also involve fine detail. The company has extended its glass size capabilities up to...
  • Carey Mobius, president of Garibaldi Glass, discusses the company's emphasis on project management support, offering tools from concept to completion to save customers' time, particularly for structural glass. During GlassBuild America 2016, Garibaldi displayed its point-support systems and ceramic frit products to answer the need for glass in structural applications. Watch the video to learn...
  • Forel SpA emphasized pre-processing equipment during GlassBuild America. Michael Schmidt takes Glass Magazine on a tour of the company's new automatic vertical seaming machine for tempering pre-processing. Watch the video for more... For more videos from GlassBuild America, visit Glass Magazine's YouTube page.
  • Matodi's Scott Miller introduces the GoldGlass2350 spray painting machine to Glass Magazine. Take a tour of the machine's capabilities in this video from GlassBuild America.   For more videos from GlassBuild America 2016, visit Glass Magazine's YouTube page.
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