Latest Products in Commercial Glass

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    7Hills Inc. of Wilmington, Del., will demonstrate PenCAD software for window manufacturers that allows for quick quoting at the customer’s location and quick formulation of manufacturing specifications. It also helps with stock tracking, manufacturing process, delivery, installation and invoicing. The program can be integrated with automatic cutting machines for cutting optimization,...
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    GDS Storefront Estimating of San Diego will introduce WinBidPro version 15, estimating software for storefront and curtain wall systems that now includes an integrated CAD program. GDS subscribers can get the software at no charge.
  • GBAPrd_GTS.jpg
    GTS of Portland, Ore., will show GlasPac LX software for flat glass businesses that accommodates intricate pricing variables inherent in flat glass configuration setup, according to a company release. Users doing quoting and work order preparation, can set up pricing by any common unit of measure and define variables specific to that item. Companies can build their own catalog or incorporate...
  • GBAPrd_CapTape.jpg
    Cleveland, Ohio-based Capital Tape will highlight its line of glazing tapes for applications ranging from residential to curtain wall construction. The 5200 Series has high-peel adhesion and tack to surfaces such as polyvinyl-chloride profile, aluminum, and wood frames. The product is on the American Architectural Manufacturers Association Certification Program Verified Components List. The...
  • GBAPrd_Lord.jpg
    Lord Corp., headquartered in Cary, N.C., will offer adhesives that permanently bond dissimilar materials and thin-gauge metals in minutes, according to a company release. The adhesives bond metal, composite, plastic, wood, rubber and glass.
  • GBAPrd_Tremco.jpg
    Tremco Inc., Beachwood, Ohio, will introduce the patent-pending Proglaze ETA, or engineered transition assembly, that simplifies installation of transitions from window or curtain wall systems to wall assemblies, according to a company release. Mechanically attached to the window or wall assembly, the product creates a continuous, compatible seal; absorbs dynamic movement and wind load stresses...
  • GBAPrd_TBPConv.jpg
    TBP Converting of Phoenixville, Pa., will present its glass protection pads with a coated adhesive that resists ultraviolet and temperature elements and leaves no residue after removal, according to a company release. The pads have low compressibility and offer sufficient bounce and recovery properties that act as a shock absorber, according to the release.
  • GBAPrd_DrGold_1.jpg
    Dr. Gold and Co. KG of Henderson, Nev., will bring its Carrymate non-slip panel grips for transport of glass panels, doors, windows, frames and other sheet materials. The user slides the self-adjusting grips to the side of the panel and two users can lift the panels with one hand and walk in the same direction. Capable of lifting up to 440 pounds per pair, the grips are made of lightweight...
  • Conover, N.C.-based Plastic Technology Inc. will display its extruded polyethylene, closed-cell foam profiles for reducing transit and handling damage. Using trapped air to cushion, the foam provides non-marring protection and multiple impact protection. The company creates custom recyclable packaging using post industrial scrap material.
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    Manufacturer and designer of stretch film applicators, Kalamazoo Packaging Systems of Grand Rapids, Mich., will present a range of wrapping systems for windows, doors, glass and panels. Horizontal and vertical wrappers are available in a wide range of sizes, as well as equipment for work sorting and putting finished goods in carts or on pallets.
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What's Hot

  • The LogiKal configuration, estimating, take-off, project management and fabrication software system from Orgadata is specifically designed for the window, door, curtain wall and storefront industries. LogiKal features catalogs from most major commercial aluminum profile manufacturers and provides complete material take-offs, optimized cut lists, accurate glass reports, detailed fabrication...
  • M3 Glass Technologies partnered with Gauzy,, to create MVision, a switchable privacy glass that uses Gauzy’s liquid crystal film technology to allow the product to go from opaque to transparent with the flip of a switch, company officials report. MVision is manufactured with a less than 4 percent haze, which, according to the company, is the lowest haze available. Each piece is tested...
  • The Quattrolifts Vector 1800 is designed to allow a glazier to unload, transport and install large plates of glass. It has a lifting capacity of 1800 Lbs with a dual vacuum system designed for safety. The 4 x 18” front wheels are ideal for uneven surfaces on job sites and the wireless remote control allows for precision movement when glazing. Options for stone and curved glass available. Call...

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